[cryptography] the Zcash Open Source Miner Challenge (and about Zcash in general)

Lodewijk andré de la porte l at odewijk.nl
Tue Jul 4 05:14:28 EDT 2017

> I'd agree that "forums" are a poor choice.
> They're magnets for masses of the clueless,
> which is fine for that purpose.

They are easy to use, rather than archaic and unappealing. Not sure what
kind of argument this is, anyway.

> And they're heavyweight, captive, and exploitable.

My computer is also heavyweight, so they're equally responsive.

They are typically captive by design, to allow commercial exploitation of
the attached community. You'll note the user agreement typically causes
every submission to be property of the forum's owner. These issues are just
not related to the format proper.

I do not see how it is more or less exploitable than e-mail. Certainly, the
interface is richer, and more is possible for both good and evil. That all
just depends.

> Lists can be archived, replicated, distributed,
> offlined, searched with any MUA, etc. +1.

Why would a MUA search a forum? Why is a forum less archivable, replicable,
or distributable/p2pifieable?

If anything this shows how much you have been remiss, not developing a
modern mode of interaction that complies with your demands. To stay with
Fax is certainly functional, and it will readily appeal to those accustomed
to that format, but to actively defend the superiority of the dated is

You're probably right though. Current forum software is an ongoing
disappointment, where e-mail steps into a rich tradition of letter-writing.
I'd say e-mail lists suffer primarily indigestibility through lack of
overview, a lack of multimedia, a lack of interlinking, a lack of hope for
"better than just threading". Ultimately most time is spent parsing text -
so cutting away everything around it (as you seem to have done) is a great
way to optimise if you read everything anyway.

> pardon the dispersion, my question / objection is about the way ZCash
> responds to people that have lost money in financial gambling due to
> the hyped ICO price at ZCash entrance. So far I understand your
> response has been to treat a lawsuit for people using your (tm'ed)
> logo for instance with the @ZCashVictims account on Twitter.

So, there's this thing with risky investments... Hmm. Oh, I recall: you
carry your own risk.

ZCash*Victims*? Certainly, everyone that participated is him/herself a
perpetrator. Every investment an endorsement of this heightened value. One
thing to cry about spilled milk, another to call yourself @milkspillVictims.

note: an ICO has no promise of future value, participating on a market like
Coinbase and getting your stop-losses ran is almost an edge case (Coinbase
allowed overlarge capital influx, causing one of their features to behave
outside normative expectations) but still really your own fault (part of
the game with the rules as they are). I'd say exchanges going bankrupt for
mismanagement - that's a little over the line between "upset" and

that's arguable on more levels, yet from what I understand you don't
> have further control: you have adopted what seems a rather smart
> mining incentive curve on the first 34 days. This certainly does not
> means you have control on the market price, but you have well planned
> mining incentives (and market price is a collateral of it) and this
> plan is public.

As you said, this plan is public. Forks could do away with unfair
incentives, but don't.

this is a good answer, in particular your declaration that you
> "haven't bought or sold any ZEC". I believe you should give this
> answer to those people considering themselves victims of a market
> gambling operation you do not take part into.

Victims to gambling? Do you hear yourself speak?

If we're victims of anything it's the lies of capital - those ideals
enshrined within property that do not support our natures, nor our
realities. We have a collective maths engine, it makes it apparently
impossible to do certain maths without certain information, and bam, you
become a victim! A VICTIM! You /lose some part of yourself/ because you
actually identify with your property! They promised you riches beyond
reason, and all you got was what you bought!
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